Summer Update

photo-2018-07-09-7-08-01-pm1.jpgTime flies when you’re having fun! I know I certainly am. This summer has been outrageously busy with shows and workshops all over the province of Alberta. July started off with a 4,000km tour to the Northwest Territories as well as Lac La Biche, AB. I was brought in as a guest instructor for two week long circus camps. It was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my career as a magician. I always thought that the reaction I got after performing magic brought the most joy. Nope. Not any more. I had the opportunity to work with over 80 kids in a two week period. Most of these kids have never been exposed to any type of performance art. Let alone to be dropped into such an intense learning and social environment with their peers. I was fortunate to witness breakthroughs in the ones who were struggling with a specific skill. After a day or two of grinding it out, they were quick masters at the skills they once dreaded. It was the most rewarding feeling to bear witness to the moment that will change a young mind forever.

Upon my return home, I immediately hit the road to 6 libraries across the province. This was a bit more relaxed as we didn’t have as much to pack for each stop. I was able to work out the kinks of the program. I was able to figure out the most efficient way to teach a group of 20 kids all 5 magic tricks within a 45 minute window. The biggest thing, when working with kids, is to establish yourself in a affirmative role. It’s too easy for the kids to get sidetracked as they practice each trick. I came up with the perfect magic words; HOCUS FOCUS. Each time I said these words, the kids were to put what they had down on the table and listen to my instruction as to what we were learning next. This helped keep the workshops on track and on time.

Photo 2018-08-08, 8 54 42 PMThe response to my magic workshops has been fantastic from the kids, parents and library coordinators alike. It’s fun for everyone who’s in the room. You’ll be hard pressed if you don’t learn something. I have a few more libraries booked before the summer is up. I have also just begun organizing my Spring/Summer 2019 schedule. I can’t wait to visit a community near you and share what I do with such young and imaginative minds.